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The Community School is a
day school located at 75 Abington Street in Hingham, serving
students ages 3-21 with severe, multiple disabilities, many of whom have complex medical needs. 





Community School Yoga, Zumba & Ballet

Yoga is a 5000-year-old holistic practice with a myriad of benefits. "It's purpose is to help each one of us achieve our highest potential and to experience enduring health and happiness" (from YOGA for the SPECIAL CHILD by Sonia Sumar). Structurally, a consistent practice can help align the vertebrae, improve muscle tone and strength, range of motion, flexibility, balance, and coordination. Yoga stimulates the cerebral areas by irrigating brain cells with fresh blood, fortifies the heart and lungs, and improves breathing patterns. At the same time, internal organs are toned, the epidermal, digestive, lymphatic cardiovascular and pulmonary systems are purified of toxins and waste matter. Overall, Yoga helps to provide balance to our mind, body, and spirit. Namaste!  


75 Abington Street, Hingham, MA 02043 | Phone: 781-749-7518 | Fax: 781-740-0784